Project 02: Assignment 01

Designing the future: Instant, customizable Bio-dishware

User Group: Household consumers that have limited time and/or are concerned about the environment

Task: Use a 3d printer to create biodegradable customizable dishware for a family meal or to create custom designed dishware for an event.

 Environment: Home > Domestic Kitchen

Compelling Scenario:Busy consumer households view as anathema having to spend any of their very precious limited time having to do the dishes.  Paper or plastic ware is not considered a viable alternative do to is lack of durability, perceived “cheapness”, and lack of bio-degradability.

Through the use of 3d printer technology, we propose to design and create “printable” dishware that has the feel and durability of traditional dishware, is disposable like paper or plastic ware, and is bio-degradable.  In addition, this product will be able to produce customizable colors and designs so that the consumers can tailor their dishware to fit any occasion.

 Compelling Scenario that incorporates:

    • The role of dual-income families and have limited time
      • Young singles

    • Cost benefits
    • Environmental concerns
    • Customizable
    • Can be used to create small containers too (pet bowls, etc)
    • Meal preparation

    • Newlyweds
    • Young couples without children
    • Married couples with children
    • Households with teenagers
    • Mature couples

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